Madeleine’s jewellery reflects her passions for Mudlarking and beachcombing; for history, art and vintage fashion. Much of it tells a story, and this is jewellery that is designed to be a conversation piece as well as being lovely to wear. Each piece is handmade by the artist in London and works are either one off or made in small limited editions. Madeleine uses a range of different materials from objects trouves to antique Roman coins. This is jewellery that will surprise you – original designs for people who don’t want to look like everyone else…… Enjoy!

Madlark jewellery

Made with Thames river finds

Seaglass jewellery

Collected from British beaches

Madeleine's Victoriana

"Lucky" silver coins and love-tokens

Madeleine's Antiquities

Genuine Roman coins and glass

Madeleine's Miniatures

Famous historical figures

Madeleine's Torcs

Celtic-inspired glamour

Suffragette Jewellery

A tribute to Suffragette style

Mermaid and Naiad jewellery

Pearls and opalites

Madeleine's Fashion

Inspired by fashion icons

Mermaid Jewellery

Aquatic fantasies in wire

Madeleine Says It With Flowers

Sunshine colours, light as a petal

Madeleine's Men

Why should girls have all the fun?

Madeleine Goes Pop!

Jewellery to make you smile

Madeleine's One Of A Kind

Semi-precious stones and vintage charms